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China's leading rapid prototype service bureau ...

Rapman Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Leeport (Holdings) Limited committed to deliver quality rapid prototype service for product development and custom-made manufactured parts such as jewellery prototype, metal prototype and etc. We'll work with you to resolve your unique requirements by providing you with single-source solutions.

We produce rapid prototypes in our China factory. Since our China workforce is highly skilled, we can provide rapid prototype service at low cost with high quality.
Our Hong Kong office can also ensure you receiving superior rapid prototype service.

We offer the following rapid prototype services:

  • - Product design via rapid prototype creation 
  • - Part-scanning and reverse engineering
  • - SLA/SLS rapid prototype
  • - RTV tooling / Urethane casting
  • - Part post-processing and finishing
  • - CNC model mock up
  • - Rapid tooling
  • - Home appliance prototype
  • - Aluminum prototype
  • - PU casting
  • - Low-volume custom-made part-manufacturing

Why Rapid Prototype?

Rapid prototype is an essential tool/model to ensure all parties have a clear understanding of the product design and manufacturability.
With a rapid prototype, you could reduce manufacturing errors and save money. That's why you need rapid prototype service!